Play & Earn real money

By playing against other players

The brand-new video games platform using cloud gaming

How to play

1 – Create your account

Click on the text « Sign In » on your right, at the top of the web site. Fill out all the information needed and click on « Create Account ».

2 – Insert your « config.cfg » of CS :GO.

Go back to your account. At the bottom, you will find the field « Upload CFG CS :GO ». Insert your CFG and click on « Update Account ».
How to find my config.cfg ?

3 – Link your Steam account

Once your account created, you will find a new button «Link your steam account », click on and follow the instructions on the Steam website.

4 – Download & Install the Cloud Gaming Software

To the home page, you will find the « Download » button. By clicking, you will download the software. Install it without change the path !

You are now ready to play your first game on Galacticash !

Game settings

- Make sure you have good internet connexion of at least 25 mb/s,
- Play with direct link (Ethernet Cable / RJ45) for a better experience,
- Make a test before starting any games,

Unfortunally, all the territory are not egal with the internet connexion which claims better performance and more powerfull. But,in a close future,
Everybody will get a good internet connexion allowing to play Galacticash.


Before starting you have to set and test the game. Click on "Start Test" below. The software will appear with all the informations already filled. Once connected, use your steam account. You will be disconnected automatically.


We propose new sources of income, we help gamers and esport’s teams become more professional through their favorites competitives video games.
You have now the possibility to earn money by playing against other player. Bet on your own skills on Galacticash.


To play on Galacticash, you must download the CLOUD GAMING SOFTWARE. This technologie allow you to secure to 99% the game and avoids the cheats. All the competitions are streamed from our powerful servers, so you will keep a good game experience.


Everyday at everytime, you can bet on a game against other players, alone or with your friends on différents maps and game mods. Earn money thanks to your own skills.

A tournament with 4 max players. Bets range from 5€ to 200€ and each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 10 000 times your bet.

All day long, you can try to beat the best score for the daily and weekly challenges presented. The more people play, the more the jackpot increase. 4th be with you, always !

The test was inconclusive ?
We can help you to fix it.

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Galacticash | 1st competitives video games platform using Cloud Gaming & allowing gamers to earn real money

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